Encrypted Mobile Wallet | Person-2-Person Payments

Development of public Crypto Credits IOS & Android app + M2M and IoT device(s) to safely deposit, exchange, transfer & receive payments from anyone with a mobile device!

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Blockchain, United States (US)

“For some, this movement marks the beginning of the decentralization of money (=Bitcoin, Ethereum,Litecoin, etc…?). No longer will people accept that only large banks and governments be the ones to dominate this economic landscape that ALREADY caused us a crisis by gambling with other peoples’ money (and presumably your family’s too)? More and more individuals want to be able to take control of their own money, whenever & wherever they are without having someone – you don’t even know – is looking constantly over your shoulder.”

~ Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts, such as taxes, in a particular country or socio-economic context.

~Fiat Money is a currency without intrinsic value that has been established as money, often by government regulation. Fiat money does not have use value, and has value only because a government maintains its value, or because parties engaging in exchange agree on its value.

~ Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.

~ Credit is the trust which allows one party to provide money or resources to another party where that second party does not reimburse the first party immediately, but instead promises either to repay or return those resources at a later date. In other words, credit is a method of making reciprocity formal, legally enforceable, and extensible to a large group of unrelated people.

~ Crypto Credits is the total value of various Cryptocurrencies added together, converted to value of USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, etc.. and ready for you to save, spend, or convert into your local currency.


crypto deposits

US$1.00 (USD) = CC$1.00 (Crypto Credits)

Instantly convert your crypto deposits to Crypto Credits. You can convert every US$1.00 crypto value for $1.00 Crypto Credit (eg. $100.00 Crypto Credits = US$100.00), giving it a stable price/value that can than be used as an actual currency for purchasing commodities and/or any global payment inside or outside our (mobile) network. Merchants can always redeem CC$1 for US$1.00 (withdrawals are in BTC) or convert to their own local currency eg. EUR, GBP, JPY, etc.

Anyone can access this incredible technology at an affordable price, you only need a mobile device!

We have made it possible to safely deposit, accept, exchange and transfer cryptocurrency with any Mobile device and withdraw our money with a simple prepaid credit/debit card, and SO CAN YOU!

+ Your own FREE Mobile Payment Terminal that is Fast, Simple and Transparent.

+ Every mobile transfer will generate a session key, which is a one-time only secret key to redeem money into your mobile wallet. The need for sender and receiver to share secret keys via some secure channel is now eliminated: all communications involve only public keys, and no private key is ever transmitted.

+ Save Money with better Rates than the Banks!
A Smart (phone) alternative offering a secure method to send/receive cryptocurrency in combination with your own mobile device.

Note: Deposits & Payments directly to your Encrypted Mobile Wallet are always deducted with the fees that blockchains charge from your mobile wallet and is out of our control.


Personal Benefits

+ Not linked to your bankaccount.

+ You can get paid anywhere in the world and in real time with cryptocurrency.

+ Receiving cryptocurrency from another Encrypted Mobile Wallet is always Free.

+ Can be integrated into existing web-applications, social networks & develop new business solutions.

+ You can simply shop, withdraw or spend the value offline with a prepaid creditcard (not included).

+ Prepaid Creditcards have no credit check, no proof of income, no salary slips required. Available in US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros or Yen with online-banking functionality.


Deposit / Payments

Your Encrypted Mobile Wallet can be loaded easily with Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, 50+ cryptocurrencies. Other Altcoins will be available in Cloud software updates. Coin transaction fees are variable. Easily deposit any currency in your encrypted mobile wallet.



With your own Prepaid Debit/Credit card you can easily withdraw your own funds & instantly enjoy your own money in the best possible way. Easily withdraw your own Money from any ATM.


Personal Use

Use any mobile device to accept creditcard payments online & offline by just providing your public encrypted mobile wallet email address or QR code in order to receive payments from anyone, even persons without an encrypted mobile wallet.


Person-to-Person Payments

The person paying only needs to scan the QR code to make an easy transfer to your encrypted mobile wallet.


Shop, Sell & Share

Buy, Sell and Share on all your Social networks by providing only a valid account email address or QR code to your customers.

Social Networks

Accept instant payments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Skype, YouTube and all your other Social Media applications with text messaging capability. Get instant payments on all your Social networks!

Point of Sale (POS)

Turn any Mobile device into a Payment Terminal enabling businesses to accept payment cards & transfer electronic funds with any mobile/tablet device.

Business Solutions

Business-to-Business, Person-2-Person, Shopping & Gifts, Apps & Games, Food & Drinks, Internet of Things, SmartWatches, etc.


Mobile Compatibility

No more restrictions of choice for consumers & businesses. Instantly works on any iOS, Android mobile device. Not being forced to buy special hardware or getting attached to one single brand… ending up being forced to download their apps and/or buy their (expensive) hardware too in order to function at all.


Secure Mobile Gateway

Secured using cryptography (public-key encryption), an innovative platform for making digital money transactions over the internet a safe experience and practically impossible for hackers to spend any money from other people’s encrypted mobile wallets. Only the account used to receive payments can decode & redeem credits into their mobile wallet.


Enabling Secure Mobile Person-2-Person Payments

Real Time transactions with encryption & decryption taking place on the user’s device only, so money cannot be compromised. We use state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms during data transmission with 24×7 monitoring.


Mobile P2P Network, M2M & IoT

We succesfully have tested mobile networks acting as a decentralized cross-platform communications model in which each party has the same capabilities and either party can initiate a communication session: Telstra , Belgacom , Oi , BCE , China Telecom , TDC , Orange , Bharti Airtel , Telekom Indonesia , Telecom Italia , Nippon Telegraph & Tel , Zain , Altice , Axiata Group , América Móvil, VimpelCom , Telenor ,PLDT , Ooredoo Telecom , MegaFon , Saudi Telecom , Saudi Arabia, SingTel , MTN Group , SK Telecom, Telefónica, Teliasonera , Swisscom , Chunghwa Telecom , Turkcell , Etisalat , Vodafone, Cantv , Verizon Communications, T-Mobile, KPN, Vodafone, AT&T, Sprint & Advanced Info Service.


No More Debt – Only spend up to available Balance

YOU Backing our Project is all we need to SUCCEED!!!
If you’re not into this NOW, you’re probably also not yet ready for the FUTURE!!!

We are honest, responsive at ALL TIMES and will stay completely transparent towards our backers.
Assist us in this mission by donating to make this project possible for you and the final steps we need to make it available for everyone worldwide.


Risks and Challenges

– Transaction charges depend on the amount of value being transferred and whether the payee is a registered user of the service. The actual cost is a fixed amount for a given range of transaction sizes. These are the typical fees, but may be slightly different and depending on your currency & exchange rates. The fees do not include charges that your bank (or intermediate banks in the case of SWIFT payments) may levy.

– Deposits & Payments directly to your Encrypted Mobile Wallet are always deducted with the fees and/or fixed fee per transaction that blockchains charge from your mobile wallet and is out of our control.

– To fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, the USA PATRIOT Act requires all financial institutions and their third parties to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens a wallet account. What this means for you: When you open a wallet account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you.

– Under the law, “Money Services Businesses” are subject to registration and other requirements. Transactions with customers involving currency totaling more than $10,000 must be reported.

– Annual license fees, and similar license renewal fees are required in most countries & states. As with all expenses, this is difficult to forecast in absolute terms, since much depends on how many countries & states in which you intend to operate and whether you intend to simply go ahead and obtain licenses in all these jurisdictions. In many jurisdictions we will pay the cost of investigating our applications. These expenses cannot be predicted in advance, but are deciding for which part of the world we may operate. We are honest, responsive at ALL TIMES and will stay completely transparent towards our backers.

Fill in Donation Amount Minimum amount is $0 Maximum amount is $1000000
Sponsor Donations


Full Access to Marketplace (Beta) + Merchant account + CC$250.00 in your Wallet to spend in real-time and start up the ecosystem.

1 Sponsors

Estimated Delivery: Sep, 2019


Full Access to Marketplace (Beta) + Merchant account + CC$500.00 in your Wallet to spend in real-time and start up the ecosystem.

1 Sponsors

Estimated Delivery: Sep, 2019


Full Access to Marketplace (Beta) + Merchant account + CC$1000.00 in your Wallet to spend in real-time and start up the ecosystem.

3 Sponsors

Estimated Delivery: Sep, 2019
  • 01-07-2019

    Mobile Marketplace (Beta) Test

    Starting our Live Community Beta testing program.

  • 31-09-2018

    Mobile Marketplace Development

    Enabling users of Social applications to buy & sell products, greatly expanding their business’s reach. Now customers can spend cryptocurrency at merchants who normally do not accepy it, but since it is converted at the same time, it is possible to accept creditcard, bitcoins and altcoin with the same value of money all together in one transaction. Simply pay commercial goods from online stores or individual sellers, with your Encrypted Mobile Wallet.

  • 01-04-2012

    Our First Start, Testing and Development

    Testing bitcoin & altcoins for purchasing in-store, allowing merchants worldwide to accept credit card payments & cryptocurrency directly through their mobile devices, making it possible for devices such as the iPhone,iPad & Android to act as a mobile point of sale (POS) checkout system.


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