Banking is Necessary.
Banks are Not.

Self-custodial Wallet, SoftPos & mPOS for CeFi & DeFi.
Next generation of mobile banking, making instant payments easier and more personal than ever before!
Save, spend & manage your money in your own pocket.

Leveraging blockchain’s transparency & smart contract automation with AI in a network of decentralized nodes. With blockchain technology, we facilitate the emergence of decentralized services (DePIN), and all the tooling to lower the barrier of entry to DePIN business models. Marked by a significant enhancement in the platform’s coordination and payment mechanisms, rendering it trustless, highly secured through a Decentralized Automated Payment Processor (DAPP) with AI for payments such as mobile cross-border transfers, cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, CBDC, and many others.

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Blockchain is the most disruptive invention since the Internet, and now an ideological battle is underway between fringe utopists and mainstream capitalism who want to define how this technology will shape our lives...

Omnichannel Web3 Technology

DePIN integration will enable us to offer a range of payment functionalities with a digital wallet for all your clients, including real-time business-to-consumer payments, streamlined transaction processing, and new AI technology with web3 fraud management capabilities for extra security.

Next Generation Of Payments

Near-field communication, or NFC, allows for contactless payments with mobile wallets. Accept secure instant payments on all Android & iPhones, Tablets and other mobile devices free of charge without having to use Apple/Google Pay or Apple/Google Wallet, secured by AI with access based on fair and non-discriminatory blockchain nodes.

Decentralized Core

Compute power offered across different geographies and mobile device owners.

Multi-Chain Usability

Allows trustless and efficiënt coordination between many different blockchain layers.

Cost Effective

Impact on physical nodes in the real world (eg. Providers, Banks, Creditcards, etc).

Privacy & Security

Crypto-based, decentralized coordination to create & maintain a safe infrastructure.

Network Nodes

Physical infrastructure, ensuring sustainable growth & adoption of new ecosystems.

AI x Crypto

Allowing demand & supply to rely on the infrastructure without any KYB-KYC concerns.

There is still a significant lack of widely accessible solutions facilitating real-time connections & transactions between users of diverse payment systems around the world. We acknowledged the need to furnish our clientele with resilient multi-chain connectivity, which necessitated coupling it with a dependable and secure wallet experience for non-crypto natives & mass adoption of the general public.

DePin Payments Support

Simple Integration with Cryptocurrencies

CeFi or DeFi
Choose your best.

Crypto Credits changes the rules of the game in payments. Now you can accept CeFi & DeFi payments with one single app, as well as generating different visual QR codes for different payments.

Credit Chips
Only requires bank account or crypto wallet for receiving instant payments on all NFC compatible mobile devices - iOS & Android
Crypto Wallet
Software | App


Hardware | NFC



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DePIN is made up of physical and virtual infrastructure networks that serve as the framework supporting operations, distribution and management of services and resources.Through technological innovation, Crypto Credits is leveraging the trustlessness and automated execution of the blockchain.

Decentralized Networks – Refers to the platform used to coordinate interactions between service providers and users which is decentralized, underpinned by blockchain and thus relying on network effects.

 • Physical Infrastructure – The resources or infrastructure that are used to provide the service or product are physical in nature, collectively making up the infrastructure.

Replacing the centrally coordinated platforms with a decentralized alternative eliminates costs and creates a more direct payment route from resource to users. All of this leads to the optimization of existing services and an entirely new category of services becoming economically viable, previously impossible due to high costs and inefficiencies related to centralized platform coordination. This breakthrough forms the basis for Web3 and when dealing with physical resources is called decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN).

  • You must be using the latest version of iOS or Android OS  available for the phone.
  • NFC enabled in phone settings profile_avatar.png
  • Activated Mobile-ID.
  • Withdraw in your local currency in more than 175 countries.
  • Not yet available in select regions and countries.

Crypto Credits is a digital currency designed to be used as digital cash on your mobile phone. Information about the transaction is private: sender, receiver and amount transferred are all unknown to Crypto Credits. 

Transaction details, including the payment amount and time of transaction, are part of your own ledger and are unknown to Crypto Credits.

  • View transaction history and details on your phone in profile_avatar.png > Payments.
  • Tap a transaction to see its status.

  1. On your phone, go to  profile_avatar.png > Send Payment.
  2. Type a contact address that accepts payments.
  3. Enter the amount you want to send.
  4. Add a note (optional) and select the check mark.
  5. Tap Pay Now button.

Note: Once you confirm, the funds will process. THIS ACTION CAN NOT BE UNDONE


  1. Send your Mobile-ID to client by email or app.
  2. Client enters the amount it wants to send.
  3. Add a note (optional) and select the check mark.
  4. Tap Pay Now button.

QR code

  1. Generate a payment QR code
  2. Present to client via app.
  3. Client scans code with mobile device.
  4. Client adds a note (optional) and selects the check mark.
  5. Client completes payment.


  1. Client  scans Credit Chip (NFC) with their own device.
  2. Client enters the amount it needs to send.
  3. Client adds a note (optional) and selects the check mark.
  4. Tap Pay Now button.
  5. Client completes payment.

If you hit Send, your payment will process. Turning your phone off or disabling your connection will not stop the payment if you have hit send. You can not cancel a payment once you have hit send. You can message your contact and ask them to send you a payment.

  1. Go to a supported exchange.
  2. Follow steps to send on your exchange, paste the wallet address linked to your Crypto Credits account and send.

  1. On your phone, go to  profile_avatar.png > Withdraw.
  2. Go to your exchange and view the wallet address.
  3. In Crypto Credits, enter the wallet address from the exchange.
  4. Tap Withdraw.


Instant access to funds, secure SSL payments, and no transaction fees within the Crypto Credits ecosystem to provide flexibility and control over your spending. We do however, need to charge a processing fee for all crypto withdrawals (Pay-as-you-go). Crypto Credits charges a processing fee to cover the costs of servers and transferring your crypto from the wallet to an external address. Prices are in USD/GBP/EUR. You need to collect and pay sales taxes yourself in the regions where it is required by law. Stated prices do not include these taxes.

  • The currency is based on the country code of your Mobile-ID.
  • The currency conversion will apply for the existing balance in USD/GBP/EUR.

All fees are determined by and collected by the blockchain, not Crypto Credits.

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